How to Dominate Reddit Marketing in 2019

Get ready to delve into one of the most rewarding & intimidating social networks on the internet, and find out how you can increase your traffic with quality visitors in the process.

Have you ever used Reddit? If not, don’t worry. Reddit is a popular social bookmarking/discussion forum that can be highly useful for marketing your content. Dominating Reddit can be a long drawn out process, but well worth giving it a go. How do you start? Let’s look at the steps below:

1. Beware! You may receive abuse

Users on Reddit are absolutely ruthless, so, beware that you may step on many toes while testing out your new marketing plan, a lot of these users are very close to their respected subreddit’s and as a result, can get very defensive and behave in a hostile manner towards your content for no reason at all. So, what should you do to avoid this? Instead of going in all guns blazing and spamming links for your blog, join in with the community on these subreddits. A lot of these subreddits love a good discussion & debate. Contribute to the community and don’t use your account as a point of contact for just your content, share other content too.

What’s a subreddit? A subreddit is a dedicated Reddit page for a certain subject e.g.   Game of thrones, Arsenal FC, and Brexit…

By taking your time & joining in with these subreddits you will be rewarded with ‘Comment Karma’. Comment karma helps improve your user accounts legibility and also gives you a gateway to other subreddits with certain restrictions e.g. 100 comment karma before being able to make a comment. Racking up comment karma is key to ensuring the legitimacy of your posts.

This is certainly one of the best steps to start with, when wanting to break into the Reddit marketing scene. Spend 10-15 mins a day talking on subreddits that you have interest in or subreddits that are relevant to your brand/content. If there are no subreddits that you deem relevant, why not start your own? (See section 3).

2. How to find the right subreddit

Reddit allows you to search for subreddits with keywords, this is very useful when you have very specific keywords to focus on. Use the search bar with your chosen keyword, and a list of subreddits will show up. Some subreddits will have many more subscribers compared with others, but don’t let that put you off! Smaller subreddits are a great place to start, you have more of chance of being able to share content on a smaller subreddit, as the admins tend to be much more relaxed with regards to the content they allow on their forum. Once you have joined these subreddits and contributed to them, always remember to follow up with replies and join in with the conversation, doing the opposite will automatically make you look like a spammer or even a fake account, if this happens then GOODBYE (You’re banned).

Always remember to subscribe to the chosen subreddits you have decided to target, being a subscriber means your content is more likely to be accepted and allows you to become a more active part of the community. Moreover, it means you will receive a feed for that subreddit on your front page, meaning you can see similar content in order to ensure you’re not creating duplicate posts. 

3. No Harm in setting your own subreddit up

Having your own subreddit allows you to control how a subreddit works. For example, if your in the marketing niche, you could try and create a subreddit called “Marketing 101 Hacks”. Once you have created your own subreddit, you can determine who and what is allowed to be posted on there. Try and build up your own community, this way you’re able to share as much of your own content as possible, without breaking any rules. Ask other marketing bloggers to share their content on the subreddit (or other people within your industry) and watch as relationships form before your very eyes.

There is nothing to lose by deploying this techniques and you could even end up creating a reputable and respected subreddit – something that can boast many great benefits for your site or blog.

4. is your friend

Redditlist gives you lists of the top subreddits for within your chosen area. It’s always useful to check and see if any new subreddits have formed and it’s vital that you monitor the growth of the subreddits you subscribe to, to ensure you keep up to date with the trends.

5. The difference between text & link posts?


Text posts allow you to share unique content, which is a great way to share information, advice, reviews, and questions. It’s a great way to get a discussion or a debate started. (WARNING) avoid trying to sneak a link in there! It could be classed as spam, therefore links within text posts are not recommended. 


Link posts allow you to submit a link to a subreddit, this is a great way of building traffic to your website. If your content is worthy of been placed on the subreddit, and isn’t going to be classed as spam, then go ahead and share the post. 

Once shared, in both instances, you should take the time to respond to comments and feedback on the post in order to fully engage with the community.

6. Conclusion

Reddit can be a great friend to anyone looking to build traffic to their website, however you should be wary that Reddit marketing is a long process. Take your time when building relationships with communities and always remember to try and boost your karma. Eventually, you will see results within Reddit, which always transfer to real results for your website too. Take your time, follow the rules, engage in the community and enjoy yourself!