The Domain Of eCommerce

We specialise in the development of Magento based eCommerce websites. Magento is superior to other platforms as it gives us the freedom to develop an immersive shopping experience for your business. Because of this, we can build you more than just a shopping cart. By using Magento, we can produce a user-friendly eCommerce website with integrated analytics, advertising, content creation and of course a base to drive sales.

Magento is the perfect CMS for eCommerce sites, after all that is what it was intended for in the first place. We have built Bags Direct, one of the leading luggage retail sites in Europe, an excellent website using Magento to enable them to efficiently run their business and keep their website up to date.

Using Magento allows customers to manage product catalogs and customer information, process orders and set ecommerce promotions with ease. With the increasing popularity in online shopping, Magento allows retail companies to easily join the eCommerce world. 

Magento is more specialized than other content management systems and requires more time to learn how to use. Because of this, it doesn’t tend to be widely used by web design agencies. Our web developers specialize in Magento, allowing us to create top quality eCommerce sites for our clients.