About Us

We are idea-driven, working with a strong focus on design and user experience. Our projects should engage your audience, we want to create wonderful digital things that people love to be part of and use. That’s what your brand and audience deserve.



Nearly 25 years of experience in the online marketing sector.


How We Work

We believe in creativity
It might not be what makes it tick but creativity definitely makes a website stand out from the crowd. Bright colours & smart designs will almost always keep potential customers on your site for longer.
We believe in quality
But don’t forget, quality is equally as important. At Media Sauce, the quality of our websites is second to none as our team works tirelessly to make sure they can produce the best product for the customer.
We believe in abilities
Like most things, teamwork is one of the most important things in life. At Media Sauce, we work brilliantly as a team to enhance each other’s abilities and make sure we can provide the best service to the client.
Carl Liver - Company Director
After RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS in this industry for 25 years I have found it is ABOUT CLIENT SATISFACTION.</p> <p>Our grass roots has always been about online marketing, getting the sale or that enquiry. We have specialised in hotel bookings, PPI, numerous Insurances in the past and succeeded in all. We look for that gap in the market for that magical keyword to extract quality results.